Vaguely nordic inspired 2d platform. A woman goes searching through the forest for her girlfriend. She must avoid/fight off skeleton zombies.

It's my first full game so I'm proud of 'completing' it. The game is very short and there are a lot of gaming conventions and rules that I should have followed. The graphics are also last minute and the 'gameplay' may be hard to follow. Ultimately I just wanted to see what I could do.

(I have not tested the windows release but the macosx should be working)

Feel free to check it out if you like and leave comments.

Update: It takes A WHILE for the game to load up in the browser for some reason (like 20 seconds). You also have to click the downloading data button


Download 64 MB
evergreen_windows.exe 16 MB


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Awesome, completing your first game and actually handing it in is huge. Congrats!

Thanks so much~

Congrats on your first game !!!

Thank you!!!